Thursday, February 12, 2015

Moving Forward!

The process is moving along.  We don't have a firm date for breaking ground but with selections and contracts ratified we are steps closer to that date.  In Stonehaven (our neighborhood) there are seven or eight houses to be built and are racked and stacked based on closing dates.  Ours is still a little bit out (June 23rd), so we will be put into the cue for dates.  Our most recent meeting was the electrical meeting where things are discussed such as additional outlets, where to place cable, phone lines etc.  We added a few connections and also had our box moved to the basement storage room instead of hall closet.  This will make is easier for Chris to work his magic, mounting racks, servers, wireless etc.  More room and a cooler temp for computers down there, not to mention leaving us with a hall closet!  Needless to say he is very excited to plan out our home access with all of the newest goodies ;-)  Our next meeting should take place int he next few weeks and be our pre-construction meeting.  This will include us, the project manager (lead contractor), and sales associate to again go over everything.  We will look at the lot together and hopefully have a better idea of where it will sit on the land so that we may begin to think about back yard, etc.  Once that meeting has taken place we are "go for launch"!  Expecting that we make break ground in March or so.  I will have pictures of every step of the way!