Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pre Drywall Meeting Stall....

May 12, 2015

We have been moving along over the last few weeks!  Framing done and the windows installed as well as roofing finished.  The pre drywall meeting got a little derailed when dates and times were confused and we showed up when our PM wasn't ready for us.  He had a meeting so we walked around the house on our own for a little bit before having to reschedule our meeting for Thursday the 14th.  A piece of advice that was given to us by another Ryan home owner was just to pay attention to details.  Things can be missed and you are the second set of eyes needed to make sure your home is constructed the way you want and what you paid for!  While walking around our framed home there were several things we noticed that will need to be addressed.  They are framing issues so can be fixed now but could possible slow us down by a few days or so.  The following issues were noticed by just quickly walking through.

1.  The basement has a finished media room that was framed in as a hybrid of the finished and the unfinished version.  It has doors where a door should be (found on the unfinished floor plan) and the correct door as well.  The hallway has been framed in as it would be if it were unfinished.  The storage room has the door frame int he incorrect spot and will have to be moved.

2.  The attic has a Jack and Jill style bathroom connecting the common area to the finished bedroom.  The bathroom currently has no access to the bedroom with only one door in the bathroom.  The electrician has placed an outlet where the door should be so once the framing is resolved the electrician will also have to move the outlet to the other side of the wall where it was supposed to be according to the Ryan plans.

Needless to say we were disappointed but mistakes happen and how they rectify it is the real issue.  Hopefully we will be full steam ahead once these have been taken care of.  We will have our pre drywall meeting on Thursday and go into more detail with our PM about anything that needs to be addressed that we may not have seen on our quick walk through on our own.