• January 3rd 2015 - Met with Sales representative for the first time.  Looked at all available lots and took home information about floor plans, upgrades, etc.
  • January 4th 2015 - Decided to sign a contract and get the ball rolling.  We had been looking over this information for a LOOOONG time and really knew what we wanted.  Our time frame for delivery is July 1 so we didn't want to think too long, especially with only a few basement lots to choose from.
  • January 9th 2015 - Met with mortgage lender for pre approval.  Had a pre qualification done the previous week (just really a simple worksheet based on generic info - not worth a whole lot) so now onto the pre approval.  Note - bring anything and everything you can possibly think of to an initial pre approval meeting.  Even the things you think you won't need, of course you will.
  • January 16th 2015 - 14 day finalizing meeting for both specs and final structural changes.  We are locked in now!  No turning back!  Added a few things that we had not originally added in but overall stayed with our original choices.  So many things to consider!  Next stop flooring!
  • January 28th 2015 - Loan finally headed to underwriting today for final approval!  Had to wait on some tax info for 2014 but we are finally making strides.  Flooring meeting is his Saturday and then we will get a timeline for beginning the build!
  • January 30th 2015 - Final loan approval has been granted!  One more box checked off the list!
  • January 31st 2015 - Flooring meeting!  We were in and out pretty quickly as we already knew what we wanted.  Decided to go hardwood on the main floor and deck out the master bath.  Thought it important to upgrade carpet and padding with as many little feet as we have.  Went a little over our initial budget but not by much.  So excited to see what it will look like when it all comes together!  In the coming weeks we have have the wiring meeting as well as pre construction meeting and then things will really take off!
  • March 2nd 2015 - Pre Construction meeting!  We had our official meeting to kick off the building process.  This included verifying all of our selections and walking the site to see exactly where the house will sit on the lot.  While the lots are not huge we should still have a nice little back yard to enjoy once the process has been completed.  Expected clearing date is March 11th and the build will be gin March 13th.  The weather is the only thing that is expected to be a potential issue.  We have had tons of weather this winter and are expecting more tomorrow night (March 5th).  Hopefully with some nicer weather next week we will avoid any delays!  Delivery is expected for mid June! 
  • March 10th 2015 - Lot cleared!
  • March 24th 2015 - Excavation has begun.  Lot being prepped for basement footers!
  • March 30th 2015 - Footers have been poured and basement walls as well!  Plumbing will be going in end of this week!
  • April 6th 2015 - Basement plumbing has been done and now the basement floor will be poured!  Excited about framing beginning soon!
  • April 13th 2015 - Basement floor poured and ready for framing!
  • April 17th 2015 - Wood for framing has been delivered and should begin Monday!
  • April 20th 2015 - Floor joists have been laid!
  • April 22nd 2015 - Got the call about locking in our interest rate!  Can't believe we are that close to closing!  Will lock in next week to give us a 90 day lock until the end 0f July.
  • April 23rd 2015 - Amazed at the progress this week!  The floor was laid on Monday and now we have almost a whole first floor!  So exciting to see everything going up!  Weather has been perfect and we are moving along quickly!
  • April 27th 2015 - The framing is almost completely done from the outside perspective anyway.  They are working on the roof and shingles should come in next week!
  • April 30th 2015 - Roof has now been started and shingles will be finished up tomorrow!
  • May 4th, 2015 - The trades have begun this week!  We are doing plumbing, gas, electrical and HVAC this week and the beginning of next week.
  • May 11th, 2015 - Electrical still working and HVAC is the last thing to be done.  Appraisal came in this week and was more than we expected!  Very happy as that is the final piece of the loan approval process to be done prior to closing.
  • May 12th, 2015 - Pre Drywall meeting was supposed to be today but wires were crossed and we are rescheduled for Thursday instead.  Walked through the house on our own and found a few issues that will need to be addressed.  Moving along and hoping that won't slow us down too much!
  • May 15th, 2015 - Pre Drywall Meeting (see post for more detail)
  • May 22nd, 2015 - New Siding and Stone choices made (see post for more detail)
  • May 

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